.50 Cal

UPDATE (at bottom of page)

ok, this little project started cuz my friend (who is learning blender) asked me to make him a tut for modelig a .50 cal bullet, so i did, lol, and after he finished, he asked me to write one for texturing the bullet. So last night i sat down and was making the tut, and really liked the result. lookie

Modeling time: 2 min
Lighting: 20 min (i was messing w/ it alot, im still not 100% happy with it but it’ll do)
Scene setup time: 5 min
Time dicking around: 1 hour (lol, so what i get side tracked easily)
Render Time: 4 min (blender internal)


C&C please, maybe someday i’ll get around to posting the tuts too

The size of the boards makes the bullets and casings look as though they are about 1 foot long.

The shells could use some more sharp edges.

The brass is too shiny and the materials are too flat. They do not vary enough … show some texture.

Is the bullet that is shown out of the casing modeled right? I don’t recall there being that much bullet beyond the crimp point.

Not a bad job. Just looking for things that could be improved. HDR lighting might help too.

im not to familar w/ HDR, could someone point in a direction of a good tutorial for it?
and thx for the crits, i was begining to thing it was so shitty it didn’t even deserve to be talked about, lol

Are you using subsurf on the bullets?
If you are, you should up the division level more, I can see the individual edges on them. Nice work though.

Good picture - Although the casing is bit too bright (unless they’ve been polished!) and the tip seem to reflect too much.

Nice, but i think it`s a bit too reflictive. The bullets are in most cases abit more reflective and brighter than the casing. Tone the reflection down and it would be much better. Also some things to improve in the textures.

hello i am “EyEz” friend that hes makin the tuts for, i just want to say thanx ppl for helpin him to help me :stuck_out_tongue: im sure ur input will help him to make the tut lol. ummm yah…

(matt they are right on the reflectiveness :stuck_out_tongue: it looks nice but quite dramatic)

That is soo amazing!! i would make the floor planks look a little bigger.

anyone got any more tips?

also does anyone know any really good tutorials to model a gun, or even with a tutorial would that be too tough for me as a beginner?

kk, i did a smal update
mainly i reduced the size of the bullets (by quite alot lol) and reduced the reflectiveness on the actual bullet, idk im not that good messing w/ materials and textures. But i think the bullets are a little better, but the case is to orange, idk, lol
Anyway this is gonna be the last update cuz for some ungodly reason the blend file got screwed up, lol, so yea, lol, im pretty much callin it quits on this :smiley:

Thx to everybody for their Crits and Coms

You should render indigo