50 Free Custom Bolts Alphas


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awesome, this will save my poly count alot, thank you :slight_smile:

my pleasure :slight_smile:

can you describe how to use this

like how to add the normal and alpha map and paint it

or is there a shor video showing how to add this to an existing object


Just cut out one shape and set 3 or 4 textures. I was a bit experimenting wit this, have this image with a bit different things, might give example

it’s 3 textures on a plane, but if you set this on a surface or a top of cylinder…
4th probably is specularity one?

but if i remember well this is used with sculpt tool
but don’t remember precisely how to get it going !

so i guess it is not possible to add a zinc plated texture above this !

was not there a small video on this ?

also we can see some shadows here on inside of bolts!

but how come we don’t see any texture on the material list it is part of the sculpt mode
i guess!


If you use what looks b/w for a brush in a sculpt mode… with some tweaking it’ll do. But naturally it comes from Zbrush or something, where you don’t have 0 level problems, i think.
For another texture on top - overlay mix mode should do. Or multiply, for a bump.

Oh… You rather go to link provided and click on image, or get a zip, resolution over there is way better.

what does the alpha do here?

is it like a texture for the bolt like a zinc plated texture may be
where you set the alpha value to a certain level ?

just check an older file of this and it appears that this is making sort of a displacement map
not just a fake bump or normal map !

but you cannot see it in object or edti mode only in sculpt mode

so does it also increase the vert count?