50 posts a day?!! thats bs

Like the titlle says people that are getting like 30-50 posts a day and are obviously not saying anything constructive are really getting on my nerves… like they say the exact same thing that someone else has already said or for a pic they just leave a :o or say ‘cool’
Theeth you must be noticing this also right? Can’t there be something that blocks how many posts someone can have a day; but also make it so you can modify it for certain people.
Just my thoughts.

might i add

ooh, nice

nice work

i like it

it is a definate WIP, but it has a potental



i like it even more

it looks good

keep it up

change that one color


:expressionless: That’s what I do, Nathan! I guess I shouldn’t post stuff in WIP or Finished Projects anymore. %|

Maybe some kind of limit on the minimum nubers of words that can be said?

Also, perhaps more mods to prune the threads of the comments like the ones mentioned.


ya, that’s what i said here


Nathan, are you leaving or not? Make up your mind.

I don’t have a problems with the content-less wip replies, it’s always good to recieve encouragement. As long as at least some of the posts are C&C then the others are welcome too :wink:

What I don’t enjoy is certain people (who I won’t name - more for my sake than theirs ;), you know who I’m talking about…) who are complete newbies (nothing wrong with that, everyone was new once) but still try to answer questions in Q&A - almost every time giving an answer that’s either totally incorrect or doesn’t apply to the question - simply because they don’t know what the problem is.
To quote Futurama, ‘As usual, his heart is in the right place, but his mind is somewhere “special”’ (said about Fry)
Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the effort, but it’s best to at least try to only answer the questions you actually know the answer to…
Yes, I know I’m not immune from posting wrong answers, but I don’t do it at the frequency these people do…

as long as the posts contribute or the user meant to provide something it’s alright. But it’s not when it’s complete garbage.

by “garbage,” do you mean trash (the white kind)?

Dude, I want that wig! :stuck_out_tongue: I really mean no disrespect to -anybody- but I’ve noticed people who joined this month who already have up to 500 - 700 posts and that seems like a lot to me. But, that’s just an observation it really doesn’t bother me. None of the posters I"ve seen are posting garbage (well, some short replies but nothing that pointless) just a lot of one liners. I can see the mods getting aggrivated over this if it’s destructive to these forums but if they havn’t really stepped in then it can’t be -that- big of a deal. Not everybody can come up with a paragraph to compliment a ‘thank you’ post. If it get way out of hand it would be cool (but time consuming…) to have a trial period for new members so mods have to review posts before submiting them like cgtlak. Just a thought! :slight_smile:


Ya, I agree.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I draw the line far before complete garbage. Minor littering is completely unacceptable in society and it should be in forums too.

When does school start for you anyway?

I draw the line far before complete garbage. Minor littering is completely unacceptable in society and it should be in forums too.

You tell him!


Will the new elysiun system include some spam-stoppers (e.g. a “minimum of 10 words” post blocker?)

I am not even a forum monkey yet and I have already been somewhat alienated from Elysiun’s art forums. I mean, I like elysiun, it’s a really cool community, but I just don’t feel like posting my projects anymore if instead of some good criticism and suggestions, tips and expert advice I tend to get 2 posts of “wow, cool”. Although this is not always the case and I have gotten useful replies, too, it does tend to annoy the hell out of me.

Please note that I am slightly drunk and very confused and that is a bad, bad combination…

kansas wrote :

as long as the posts contribute or the user meant to provide something it’s alright. But it’s not when it’s complete garbage.

Says the Master of Spam…
Hell, you’ve been here what 16 days ? And you’ve allread got 527 posts ? Wich is a what somjething like an average of 33 ppd ?

to be exact:
Kansas_15 post rate.

Total posts: 527
[0.19% of total / 31.00 posts per day]

when i posted it.

I don’t really care about people spamming OT and N&C, but kids keep your hands off of Blender General! I have seen various ‘helping’ answers recently from people who obviously have no idea.

this nonsense about post blockers or whatever based on a minimum word thing sounds a little silly to me. alot can be said in 10 words, and nothing at all can be said in 20. i also don’t think there is a need for content police, or spam patrol more than there already is. we have moderators, let them do their job as they see it. I’m sure everyone has their own ideas about what should make up a post, but the only opinions that count are the moderators, which is as it should be.

I’m with Modron on this one. However, I do think there is a mentality that the little messages under the name symbolise intellect and that maybe encourages people to post more. I think that ties in with what someone else said about noobs answering Q&As wrongly. I imagine some people feel they have more authority with the caption ‘forum guru’ or ‘forum monkey’ than ‘newbie’. Then again, maybe people are just trying to overtake the mods’ forum post counts (like theeth’s 7-8000) to see what happens. Maybe Elysiun will blow up.

Having said that, I do think 30+ ppd is a bit high. I’m here quite a lot and I’m only at about 6 or 7 ppd. But then I tend to read more frequently than I write. I’m undecided about if I’d prefer a limit on the post length. I do find there are a lot of long posts and I’m probably one of the worst long posters. But some subjects it’s hard to be concise on and I like to make sure I reply to everyone if I started the thread so that people don’t feel ignored. It could help get people in the habit of being concise but it might encourage people to make more ambiguous posts. It certainly wouldn’t work for people who post tutorials.

I think Modron is right, too. Having a “spam blocker” or whatever won’t help much of anything.