50 second nightclub ad

Wanted to get some feedback. Have used Blender for years - but really enjoying the newer compositing features. The ad is for an adult nightclub so there is mature content - Used Blender for some character animation (dancing) as well as all of the composites. This was the first concept for the client - looking to see if I went too “out there” with multi-composites…

The only element that I didn’t like was the panning around the poster or whatever it was. Well, and the underwear, but then again I’m not the target demographic, I think, being a middle-aged male hetero. I liked the dancing figure and the rhythm of the piece, thought it was well done and not too “over the top”. Maybe instead of the poster pan you could pop some pop-arty bubbles with those items you wanted to highlight?

Thanks for the comments. I agree with the “poster pans” The posters are part of their print advertising (three different versions - so three different versions of that segment) and it was felt that the ads should reinforce their print ads (which get the bigger budget for placement). They weren’t so much concerned with seeing all the events on the poster - they merely wanted the date and name of club to resonate - everything else was gravy for them. I just wasn’t too sure if I put too much phantasmagoria in the last part - too many flashing blinking things… the client wanted something that would “pop” considering their target demographics.

I think it did “pop”. I’d notice it in the midst of all the car ads and other boring crap. And you’d have a bunch of squares scratching their heads and asking “what the heck was that?” I liked that last part, actually, quite a lot.

We used to go there to pick up girls because we knew that gay guys have hot girl friends. Mad times.