50 To Life Screensaver (.Blend file inside)

Hi, Nick here.

Hope you are all well.
Good on Blender, I love all the new effects in the Game Engine.

So, I spent the last month making this screensaver about a Con who gets life in prison, of cource in reality you could not escape so easily and thigs arn’t what you see on TV. theres no glamour in prison life, you have a toilet in your cell and btw it stinks like hell.

About the features

  1. All the new glsl effects standard to the engine have been included.
  2. soft bodies feature in my screensaver as toilet paper
  3. rigidbody are used for the rats
  4. new shape actions added for the rats animation
  5. .blend file is included as gamefile.nic
  6. IK animation for the Con and the prison guard
  7. this screensaver will respond to your computers realtime clock, so the Con will be asleep in the evening and awake during the day

and more…

Thats basically it…

Screenshots :wink: :wink: :wink:

http://www.nicholasnel.com/screens (its screen 23 to 27)

Download 50 To Life Screensaver :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Have FUN !!!

Nicholas Nel


Very good screensaver!
Examples of your demo games are great and recommends that they be sure to review.:smiley:

The only way to continue.