500k Users, 500k Models: CGTrader Is Now The Biggest

Hey guys,

CGTrader is celebrating an important milestone - becoming the biggest marketplace as we now have 500K models available for free download or purchase and 500K users on the platform. We have reviewed our growth towards this goal in the infographic published today.


Bigger than turbosquid? Already?

I hope. TS is a steal.

I despise Turbosquid as well…

you know what CGTrader employee…

I already organise my models and make a pdf for every prop in my library and all my props are quads and blender-independent…

You sold me in your service.

Ask your boss for a promotion :wink:

The search is broken. I have zero interest in purchasing things and in order to get any of the price filters (0-x nor free) to work, I seem to have to use file format filter as well.

edit: it works but shows some advertised models on the first row (which is all I really look at before skimming)

edit2: the download features are capped to sharing and advertising
You have to comment/share/like things or upload things to be able to download.
It’s not free and is misleading; really don’t like this site