500th post forum monkey!!!

(Dittohead) #1

I now have the coveted title/rank of:

‘Forum Monkey’

with 500 posts!!!

(rwv01) #2


(BgDM) #3

Welcome to the clan of the Monkey my friend.


(blengine) #4

its hard work to get there but it sure is sweet aint it!

(sten) #5

wonder when I will be a monkey :stuck_out_tongue: ?

(snowy_duck) #6

wow :o i wanta be a forum monkey! cause i like monkeys even my screen name is killer monkey ha ha ha oh oh oh he he hee…(notices no one else is laughing)

(bmax) #7

snowy_duck : NANA NANA NANA !!! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m closer to 500 posts than you are!! HAHAHAHA!!! (evil laugh) :smiley:


(Zsolt) #8

Hehe, BGDM, the “satan” with 666 posts… you don’t seem to be a Forum Monkey at all :slight_smile: Seems to be some forum easter egg (Kib?) If you post another message, your title will probably revert to Forum Monkey, but I made a screenshot to capture the event just in case…


(Zsolt) #9

Ok, here’s the screenshot, in case BgDM is no more satan:


(phlo) #10


and when do you work? :wink:


(Detritus) #11

This post is a small step for ankind but a huge leap for Detritus! :o
Congrats to Forum Monkey! I am struggling hard to get there :smiley: .

(BgDM) #12

Zsolt: heh, that’s great. Kib must have that programmed in here to do that, cause I am definitley back to a Forum Monkey!

Although, it was good being the ruler of the underworld while it lasted :wink:


(Timothy) #13


(Timothy) #14

hey guess what btw,… I am almost a forum monkey aswell!!! YAY!!! :slight_smile: