50mm camera and live actionCGI using blender for XMAS! (click here)

hey dudes, I wanted to make a short video for the world because I am a poor teenager and I have no money so heres your xmas present lol.
it was shot with a 55mm camera and some shots have CGI (using blender of course)
hope you guys enjoy the video and I know its kinda pointless but hey
tell me what you think!

Very nice colours and photography. Good job! :slight_smile:

Looks great and professionally done, but, where’s the blender CGI?

You have a future in filmography my friend, you have the eye.

THank you very much.
Well you know you’ve done good CGI when people can’t tell the difference between the real stuff and the CGI.

The CGI is “the north pole” shot. the pole is entirely 3D and some of the backround has been replaced the model its self was really simple and only took like 10 minutes to complete but I spent like a friggen hour trying to get the materials to look just right,

and in one of the last out side shots when you see the bird and the sun if you look closely you can actually see santas slay fly in the front of the sun although it is kinda hard to see on youtube it just kinda looks like a black smudge
it looks much better on the full HD file I have on the computer.


that was beautiful!

thank you.

heres the images I use to create the north pole shot
I used gimp to do all of the image manipulations


heres some more pics


damn, i could barely tell! that was nice, dude.
although, why not just embed?

you can’t embed videos on this forum…or at least last time I checked

Merry christmas everyone!

I really enjoyed this film. Thank you for sharing it with us and Merry Christmas.

That was wonderful, and I love sigur ros. Great camera you got there.

Can I ask, how old are you?

It bothers me just a little, since you seem to be very sure of what you’re doing. And change that title in youtube - this video will break through without those sleazy “amazing” and “teenager” words. In my opinion, more humble attitude, like a little note on one comment “I’m just 15 years old…” would be better :slight_smile:

I saw the santa’s slay and liked it very much. I’m glad you didn’t put cgi to every take. Hey, how can you edit an animation in GIMP? Using GAP? (I’m not familiar with animation, at least not with CGI mixes)

Happy holidays

I am 16.

and I really dont mean to be cocky or anything when I put the titles like that.
its entirely for the purpose of getting more views.
like its the difference between getting 50 views or 600 views.
and I have changed the title since