50s style diner (game environment)

Been working on this for a while, here’s a couple of renders (note that there’s no normal maps included in these). Modeling is pretty much done.

C&C welcome.

Really neat! My only criticism is that the “Open” sign needs the letters to be a little less blocky - but I don’t know how important that is to what you’re planning on doing with this… :smiley:

looks pretty good :stuck_out_tongue: needs a few 50’s style cars outside with rollerskate waitress girls delivering food trays :smiley:

^ That’d make for a nice scene :smiley:

@yodra Nah I can’t sink any more polys into it, it’s already over 900! XD

Well, it is a game environment. with glow and such it’ll look more round.

That’s the main reason I modeled it, I thought ‘it’d be so cool to have one of those neon window signs!’. Now just to get one in RL for my bedroom

thats very good,
i wonder its renders

Hey bud, I make a lot of game art… from experience I would recommend beveling out some of those edges, just a little bit. Also make use of alpha’s with glow maps tied to them. Technically you can trick the open sign with just a few planes and an alpha. If the sign is a huge prominent piece or a focal point of the environment you can get more high poly otherwise its never a bad thing to find ways to trick the look with basic geo and planes with alphas on them.

Cool, thanks for the reply :smiley: What in particular do you think needs beveling? I did do a bit of that for the sake of normal maps but only with several objects. As for the sign I wanted something that stands up when the player goes up to it so I only made the chains an alpha thing on it that’s all

Since its a small scene i would go ahead and say the counter and window, also the cash register on some parts. The key isnt just beveling though but silhouette. A general rule of thumb is to avoid lots of perfectly straight lines and perfect 90 angles everywhere. Even with smoothed normals, if the player can see the silhouette the illusion is ruined. A lot of times in games we see a lot of blocky geo, but thats more or less because the developer is rushing to pump out the assets and their “polygon cost” generally tends to fall on the side of safety as opposed to best result. Game art demo reels generally show off amazing game art, but then when they work for the studios they are told tone it down. So you showcase the high end game art, but when working work low. This practice will hopefully change as consoles and general GPU power gets better.

Wow really nice one! 900 is a really low number for such a detailed scene!
Maybe i can suggest to add one or two spot lamps on the entrance
A tent:

A low poly Jukebox
The windows could also be rounded:

And don’t forget to add some fancy stuff on the wall!

Keep it up! Can’t wait to seeing it finished!


^ Great suggestions! I had such a tricky time finding reference, those are some good pics. I love the windows idea, I felt something was off (so I’m glad I posted here), also that’s an interesting idea with the tent overhangs, I’ll experiment with that. As for stuff on the wall I’ve already put in a bit of that but I did want some more on the wall area with the 3 large windows, but yeah I’ve got some cool stuff to be textured for the wall opposite to that :smiley:

I was wondering alot about this, I kinda thought ‘should I make it look pretty or should I be realistic about it’, thanks for the advice :smiley: Gonna bevel it up a bit then. Also I’ll try to break up that windowed wall area, seems kinda plain.

Thanks for all these replies!

Looks like a scene from Pulp Fiction. Now you just need to make a low poly Samuel L Jackson.

My only crit is why is the open sign inside and not facing the window? Usually an neon open sign is posted in the window somewhere so people outside can see it, hah.

It’s easily observable from the window next to the front door. Look at the first image.

Oh I assume you mean why isn’t it at the front of the diner? If that’s the case then it’s simply that I preferred to have it on the side of the door which people would be approaching. But yeah that would also have worked.

Also as for the project now I’ve not gone with the rounded windows, they didn’t look right for some reason, good suggestion though, I did end up adding those overhangings, they really add to the look of the place.

And I get what SaintHaven said about beveling and that to an objects silhouette, I didn’t really get that at first but now the cash register for example is looking way better

hah yeah. looks good though, can’t wait to see it textured. now where’s my $5 milkshake!?!? ;D

Make it a chocolate?

Couple of very minor updates, the modeling is totally done except for maybe the addition of something to break up the blank wall space, just unwrapping and texturing to go before I edit the meshes a bit and export them. I’ve also gotta do collision meshes and probably LOD meshes (it’s for the cryengine 3)


Totally forgot about this thread! The project was in hiatus and eventually I said stuff it and I moved over to Unity 3D which works so much better with Blender. Here’s an in engine shot


Still got most of the textures to do, also that concrete one at the bottom is not final. So far though I’ve got the mesh side of things totally done (I hope!), I’ve got three working doors and that flag blows in the wind too (I actually did a tutorial on this but it’s not been published…yet?.. XD)

EDIT: Oh yeah, interior shot (dunno why I didn’t post this one)