52' Telecaster (guitar)

This is my first actual render in blender…is that supposed to rhyme? Haha. I had done a couple other scenes but they were mostly simple geometric shapes.

So, this is a customized 52’ Fender Telecaster, with a couple modern attributes (modern saddles, etc). For some strange reason the texturing on the neck won’t work out. So instead of being a light maple, it is now a dark rosewood or ebony. (I spent an hour trying to fix that).

The hardest part on the guitar was probably the neck and headstock.

After a few days of modeling and UV texturing and painstaking clicking and typing (I’m a very inpatient person) I didn’t care about the scene or lighting. XD.
Oh, and i have 8 guitars myself, including a telecaster (not fender though) so I was certainly not short of reference models ^^

Creative criticism greatly desired!