52' Telecaster (guitar)

Okay, so this is my first real render in blender (is this supposed to rhyme??) I know my lighting and texturing are inadequate XD But after three days of pain staking modeling, haha, I didn’t wanna bother with anything else. (I’m very inpatient).

But anywho, this is my modified 52’ Fender Telecaster. Do to lack of good reference pics (though I own 8 guitars including a non-fender telecaster) of actual 52’s, this one has some modern features to it.

The hardest part in the model was the neck and fingerboard, and because of a quark in the rendering, my guitar’s maple neck, has become a dark rosewood or ebony. I tried fixing this but came out fruitless.


Hello! I think it’s quite good. You mentioned that lighting and texture are inadequate but I would ad composition to them. It looks kind of random to me.

Thanks! Hmm, I just might do that. My computer is epically slow though so adding composition will probably fry the thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha, composition isnt compositing :slight_smile:

Composition: manner of being composed; structure: ‘This painting has an orderly composition.’

Compositing: a picture, photograph, or the like, that combines several separate pictures.

I agree with him btw. You’re lighting could use some work, but honestly, the texturing isnt a big issue, and the modeling is well done. You’ll find that lighting is likely the most important(but overlooked) part of a cg piece. The second part is definitely composition.

This is a great start tho, I look forward to seeing your future work :slight_smile:

Haha, yeah i thought that sounded a bit off. I was just doing a quick little reply, so went along with the little mess up. However both compositing and composition can work in this instance.

I’ll try to go back and edit the lighting. But probably won’t post the result.

Thanks a lot though. I wouldn’t expect much from me in the future, like I said above I don’t have very good patience. I do photo-manipulation with gimp usually. Also I can’t think up anything to make in blender XD