533 Remuera Rd

Hi all,

Another commecial project I finished these last week, still busy working on the interior renderings which i’ll post later this week.

These are full renders, lit by a HDR map and a sun/sunky component,
with no composited material.

The plants, grass and trees are all instanced geometry.

Unfortunateley a short deadline and lots of last minute additions/changes have resulted in slight imperfections, especially the 2nd picture as seen from the road, and the carglass, which i should have extruded. :slight_smile:




good work…did u model all those cars?

and i think DoF in works like these gives the feeling of a miniature model. Eradicator, now i know wht u meant by ur comment on my citroen traction looking like a miniature…

Great work radiance, I really like the plastered walls for it looks a lot less busy than when it has a brick texture or something, this makes it look real calm and neat.

Crit is that (probably because of the HDR lighting) some walls are a bit more yellow than others witch looks odd imo. Also, in the the second render, the camera looks tilted to the left witch makes the perspective look odd. And the grass and plants look real cool, but a bit too bright for the weather looks somewhat cloudy. Other than that, real good work!