55 - 58 Porsche (First car model in Blender)

Hi all,

Got into Blender about 2 months ago. I’ve put together some small models but thought I test myself by doing a car model. Still needs some touch ups but any C&C you may have would be appreciated.

Cheers Kordo.


Great car model.

You obviously have some modeling experience to be able to pull this off so well. What aps were you using before Blender?


Your car model looks very good i dont see any weird parts.I tried once to model a car and i tought “thats easy” and i was sooo wrong about it:( . I wish my first car model went out good as yours.Now u just need some materials and textures and your car wil look even better

yep, it looks really good (i have modelled it once too, but continental version)

Thanks guys,

BgDM I originally started with SketchUp. I found it easy to model but there was a limitation in being able to do organic shapes easily. I looked at the demo of 3DMax8 and had a play with it but I don’t have $5000 to buy a license to weekend model. I had a looked at Blender around the 2.26 version but could not get my head around it then.

I’ve spent a great deal to time watching tutorials and trying to learn as much as I can. With all the 3D packages I’ve looked at the key I found was being able to find good scripts. I was surprised at how quick I pick up Blender this time round.

Anyway this is the second car model I’ve done so far, my first was with 3DMax.

I’m finding the renders take a very long time. The first which has the grid in it took about 1hour. Is this correct? I’m using Blenders internal render with AO and sample set to 16. The other 2 renders where done with the samples set at 10 and took about 30 minutes.

I think I’ll need to look into lighting setups.

Cheers, Kordo.


Wanted to see what it would look like with a bit of color so I used a scene I grabbed off the web and slapped the model in.


Could someone point me in the direction of a good tutorial for creating rusty material? I’d like to try and get the gas pumps looking a little dirty and rusted. I found one tutorial on the forum but the link seems to be broken. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Cheers, Kordo.


I cant help but I must say that I like your car. Hope you find some “rust” I will need that when and if I arrive at the render stage…

you could uvmap a rusty texture from real world or paint one yours, i dont know any trick to do it but painting would give good resuls i think.

Yeah, you will have to UV map it and maybe you will want to play with some stencil textures as well. There is a good tute for stencil textures listed at blendernation.org. Go have a look at it.

Still looking very good.


The AO in blender is relatively slow. You can optimize the render times by playing with octree resolution - you may speed up your render if you didn’t already did that.

I hope to get my dual core AMD up and running again by the weekend so I can get back into this. My motherboard was only 6 months old and it decided to die, 4 weeks later I got it back.

Anyway after seeing cipix Renault post I have been inspired to try and complete this as a studio render and work on the garage scene down the track (hopefully as my 3D skills improve).

I really like the look and feel that cipix got with the final render but before I get stuck into trying to get a similar result I need to fix my windscreen. I changed the material to a glass material out to Sweblend Materials 1.blend file. For some reason it’s giving a magnifying affect. This should not be happening correct?

I’ve posted a screen grab of the material and the layout setup.

I’ve also posted 2 renders, the first is using internal render without AO. The second is with AO set to 8.

If anyone could suggest what could be causing he distortion or where to look to fix this I would be great full.

Cheers, Kordo.


Very good modeling.

About the glass, I am no expert in transparent materials, but the index of refracion (IOR) is too high at 1.5.

Thanks tolobán,

I’ve playing around with the materials and I think the windscreen is starting to look better. Not sure on the change to the paint. Render was done with internal and took 49 minutes. I think I might go back to the render nodes and have a play.

c&c welcome.


That’s not bad at all.

The first thing I would do is to change the camera so I can see the entire car.

Other things you can improve:

  • Put your area light farther away so you get a more uniform light
  • give the panels some thickness specially at the wheel arches.
  • reduce the specularity of the material or mark your area light as no spec.
  • place an additional light near the camera so the side of the car that faces
    us is a bit lighter.

Thanks for the advise cipix,

Have done all of your suggestions. I actually based the setup on your Renault post. I’ve gone back to the node editor for this render which I think is starting to look a bit better.

I think I might try one with the AO and shadow sample turned up to 16 (currently on 8).


firstly, wow, for a first (in blender) attempt in making a car, wow.
secondly, did you use any reference pictures? i seriously would like to have a look if you did, i cannot do almost anything realistically without reference pictures.
might i suggest creating a nice garage-like environment for your car, adding some nice reflections, render it using YAFRAY (i’m no expert, but i’ve heard the yafray produced much better lighting renders), turn of AO, and you should get something seriously impressive. then make the dimensions full screen, leave your computer overnight and bingo, you have an amazing wallpaper :slight_smile:

if you do do that, please remember to send me a copy :slight_smile:

Thanks noidtluom,

I grabbed some blueprints (http://www.the-blueprints.com/) and did a Google search for ref images (found about 54) most where very low res so it makes it difficult to get a lot of detail. I’m going to try and complete this as a studio render so that I have one project sort of finished at least. I plan to try a garage environment down the track. I’m hopping to get a result like cipix’s Renault post.

I’ve had a go at adding a bit of glow.


Thats a lot better.

you need now to reduce the ambient for the ground plane and maybe add AO because right now your render is lacking the contact shadows. maybe bring the area lamp a bit closer to the camera so the side of the car that faces us is receiving a bit more light.

Hi cipix,

the background/bowl has an ambient set to 0.500. Should this be set to 0? Believe it or not I do have a AO set up but only realized today that I may have set the nodes up the wrong way around. I’m still getting use to the layers and working out which goes on top etc. I did this render today and I think it’s what you are talking about. The color will need to be changes a bit as it’s starting to look pink rather than red. I’ll change the light on the side currently it’s a spot will try and area lamp.

How did you get the background so white in the Renault scenic but still manage to get a shadow under the car?

Thanks for the suggestions.

Cheers Kordo.