'57 Chevy (Bel Air)

At least it’s not an R8, right? :stuck_out_tongue:http://a.imageshack.us/img213/421/finalthumbnail.png

My main focus here was on modeling, but feel free to tear it all apart.
If you want to check it out, download it here

Rendertime ~45 min. on a dual core athlon II 4200 or something (2.2 GHz)
280k verts, lots of raytracing.
Done completely with blender 2.5.

Its very well done spacetug.


I like it tug! Nice model. Definitely the best one of yours I’ve seen.:yes:

the shapes look good, but the seams look like the material is only a 3d plane, not a solid metal. The ends of the sheetmetal should be bent in, so there’s actually some curvature. The shape of the car is very nice, but the metal looks unrealistic in those spots (which should be pretty easy to fix with some extra edgeloops and some moving, hell you might get awat with only a solidify modifier)

I was wondering about this in the small image, then I clicked to enlarge it and it’s really obvious in the roof, the doors and above the front fender

edit: added screenshot of a car model I worked on for a while, the extra edgeloop and the small extruded edge make it look like it’s solid


thanks for the replies, I have edited the first post to include a link to the .blend.

@Biglines thanks, I thought about that at one point, but then I forgot. :o

edit: I have made the suggested changes, will re-render it a bit later…

updated first post with revised image.