5700g vs gtx 1050 ti4gb for sculpting

My current pc is ryzen 3400g 32 gb ram with no discrete
e gpu.It is lagging while sculpting in blender.

Which one is better to eliminate the lagging issue during sculpting?

Ryzen 5700g with no discrete gpu or 3400g with gtx 1050 ti 4gb?

I can only pick 1 and not both due to budget.
Ryzen 5700g is 8 cores/16 threads,3400 g is 4/8 .
The 5700g igpu speed is 1/2 of 1050 ti 4gb in games fps.


Can you provide an example of a mesh where you start to have problems? With how many vertices?

Sculpting lags generally do not come from bad GPUs, and the Ryzen 5 3400g integrated GPU is good enough not to cause problems in Blender. There is a lot of CPU involved in Blender Sculpt mode, but I wouldn’t dare tell you that with a better CPU you would get big improvements because Blender Sculpt mode has its own limitations. Developers are constantly trying to improve performance. If you want to follow that development of it, you can try the unstable branch labeled “sculpt-dev”:

Another question, are you using voxels or dyntopo? Dyntopo will always be slow. It does not make as good looking sculpting either.