5A_Demo[Cartoon Animation]


Hi every buddy
This is a last animation I did it .
This animation is part of Cartoon serial study .
I used Blender for make this animation , in same time I learn this grate software so I have a lot of misstep.
The big misstep I didn’t make morph for characters because I don’t have a time :cool:

screen shot

For download the film

more info

Sorry for my English :o
Samran abed alsalam

great audio!! great modelling!!

however i find the human textures a bit too inhuman. I suggest uv mapping textures onto them for a realistic look. The video is also poor, it may be the render settings.

other than that its great!
5 stars!

I agree, this is pretty fantastic. Nice cinematography. Great trees.

The video is a bit blocky, but the bitrate doesn’t seem too low. Probably just a result of the motion blur + the resolution of the video.

Nice! really impressive work.

ooh… very short, but i liked it! great!

for some reason, reminded me of donnie darko. (time to watch that again)


Great video!
Loved the lighting. I agree with what trak wrecka said about the textures.
Also, you’re characters weren’t ‘acting’. The boy looked like he was just going for a late jog in the park, and the girl pleased as anything. They should be both scared! Maybe have here eyes watering, and him gritting his teeth as he runs?
Also the sound of him running sounded like he was running on concrete. Not sand.

But I loved the running cycle, and the dive at the end was great! Definitely top stuff.
What’s the name of the song that was playing. It was great!

4 stars

Very nice! As others have said, better texturing and more expressive characters would improve things. But the directing, cinematography, animation and editing are all very well done.

Really good work! The animation looks fine, it’s fast and well cut.

The textures work fine for me - I think if they would look realistic, you would have to care about the hair to look realistic etc.

Keep it up!


Thanks for reply
No command form me because I now it have a lot of misstep
Wan I working I tray to look to the whole not to details , details need time and I don’t have a time
Thanks :slight_smile:

wonderful! very well paced editing. i love the illustrative style too. eveything looks great.

how long did you take to create this?

Wow! That was really well done! I got a little fright when the boy suddenly appears in the screen. Really well put together!

Easily 5 stars


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Thanks for every one reply or watch or drop massage
Treatkor :
This project take proximately one month
thanks :slight_smile:

more info update

It is a great piece of work.

But, I must agree about the lack of expressions on the side of the characters. The boy stepping on the insect gave me more of a fright than the confrontation with the guy with the gun. Shape keys is the tricky and time-consuming part!

I notice this is a study, but do you intend doing anything further with it?

I Liked this alot. 5/5 from me.
You did put “cartoon” in the title. So i don’t expect fantastic textures.
The editing and sceens where well done.
I do have to agree on the expressions of the charicters however. they could use a bit of work.
Also I take it english is not your first language. I don’t know if the blender you work with is english or your native language, but if it’s english that’s even more impressive.
Great Job!

Excellent Blender skills! Interesting story telling. Direction very good, adds to the build up.

Also I agree with everyone else, facial expressions a little stoney so far. All you need to do, is for the girl to have a worried expression and the boy with a sense of urgency.

The only thing that really distracts me from the story, if the bad guy is 6 foot tall and the girl is 4 foot nothing, then he don’t need a 9mm weapon to over power her. 9mm rounds have stopping power, you get hit by one of those rounds, you won’t get back up again.

well done , very impressive although it was short anyways 4 stars from me