5gal Home Depot bucket

I was thinking of making a stool top for a stack of 5gal buckets.
It’s basically a padded plywood top that has straps so you can sit on your stack of buckets in your workshop.

Naturally, I got distracted with modeling a bucket instead of making the real thing. :slight_smile:

So here is a clay render, (I threw the lights at it).
It is to scale, I measured and everything.
and here is a blend for you to do mess with too. Use it, finish it, try not to kick it. If you Feature it as a main subject toss some credit my way.

It still needs a handle, texture/materials and maybe a Home Depot Logo (at which time they would have some say in it’s existence, or at least the right to expect a request of permission.)
I’m tiered and gona get some ZZZzzz’s.


bucket.blend (429 KB)

I think it looks more like a lowes 5gal bucket.

Nice model, and it will be good to see it get the notches and the handle in place. It looks to me like a generic bucket at this point, and would be nice to see it in an environment of splashed paint on the walls and floor, paint dripping down the side… or not.

Added The handle, (I learned about paths and Dupliframes :slight_smile: ), and a red plastic texture, the base of which I scanned from one of my 5gal buckets… then I had to balance it and get it to look like plastic in Blender.
pic, (misnamed it ‘…clay2’) and new .blend ;


bucket.blend (482 KB)

handle really helps the perspective. first view did look a little like a foam cup.