6-fold rotational symmetry

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After 2 days of trying, I would like to ask you for some help with something that might be quite interesting. I’m trying to modell a so-called “caleidocycle”, which is basically a ring of pyramids. I need to have one basic-segment —the pyramide or tetraeder— and duplicate that one 6 times. That would give an image like this:

The image above is created using 1 tetraeder and putting 2 “real” mirrors around it: litarry 100% reflective plains. But that’s a work-around and I need to model it more physically.

I’ve triend everything, from dupliverts to copying-rotations from one object onto the next. All these methods fail, because the rotations get messed up.

So far, the closest I got was by mirroring one segment using 2 mirror objects (not “real” mirrors, but mirrored meshes, as when used in symmetric modelling). This option almost completely works, apart from that I now end up with 8 images! This wrecks havoc on the final render results, as you can see in the following next 2 pictures.

Does anybody know an alternate way to accomplish this 6-fold rotational symmetry?


(Picture above: the way I set up the symmetry)

(The result when rendering: the two segments in the back get messed up, because they consist of two iamges end up in the exact same location)

did you tried spin tools?

not certain here can you upload the blend file with model so we can look at it

may have an idea to do it in blender or may be with a script ?

happy 2.5

Use an array, with an Object Offset to a target rotated 60 degrees:

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i tried it with empty and array and cannot really get it to follow a circle the added object ar at angle but no the first one

any ideas on how to correct that ?

see pic


Make sure that both the object centre and the empty are at the same point on the intended axis of symmetry.

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Hey People,

Thanks for the answers. Basically, I have two options now:

  1. Try a script. Yes, Actually, I think that’s the best idea. I’ve written already some scripts in Python, but now with Blender 2.5, I’m completely lost. Can anybody hint me to a good starting point? I can’t find anything about how to manipulate (=rotate) an existing object in this new version. Or should everything just work the way it did before?
    A script would be the best solution, because there are some mathimatical formula’s that dictate both the translations and rotations of the objects.
  2. Try an array. Yep, trying that right now. The problem I have here is that the basic-unit needs an translation about the global axis (y-axis) AND one about a local axis (the zz-axes).

I realy like the new 2.5 interface. Well, I’m forced to like it anyhow, because my cheapisch MacBook won’t run 2.4x anyway.

Thanks for the help so far! :slight_smile: I’ll keep you posted :smiley:


well for script go to the python forum!

migth get more infor there for 2.5

but should the array or even the spin which for me seems to be the best solution
unless you have 100’s of theses to do then a sript would be the best !


Thanks for all your suggestions.

The problem with an array is that it doesn’t allow for the “flipping” tree of the objects… Still strugling on :slight_smile: