6 free hdri space env maps bonus (saturn flavour)

Here comes another HDRI space map pack spacship commanders! This time a less sci-fi to give a bit of realism to your renders. This is a bonus pack born from another HDRI map pack in the making, as i mention in the video and on my instagram profile, loved so much this space scene that decided to pull it out from the main HDRI env map pack and give to it its own bonus pack. Here comes the links you are looking for, enjoy! (Get it free here)
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Gumroad : https://gum.co/lTLNq
Artstation: https://artstn.co/m/V0Rj
If you are interested on what is coming next to my channel, grab some popcorns and keep watching till the end…if you dare :wink: As always, you are allowed to use this resource in any personal, commercial or contest project, but can not sell the file or any of the included items like a product of your own.
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can you show some pic of these HDRI if possible

also are you planning to make some for other planets like
Mars , venus or even the moon ?

where are you getting the high res photos for these ?
or is it made up ?

thanks for sharing
happy bl

Hi there Ricky. The intro of the video itself shows some examples of these hdris also in the thumbnail you can have a little glimpse of them. Didn’t post images of them because they are equirectangular images so they would look weird and distorted on a 2D dimension.
All the HDRis are made inside Blender, so they are not as real as having true images of a real life satellite but it is what i can afford for now​:joy::joy:.
And yep, there are a lot of goodies on my youtube channel if you have a spin around it, from a spaceship generator, a terrain generator or even another HDRi space maps pack with Mars or the earth among others…oh, and also a procedural Moon shader…so i think you might find useful things there. Enjoy!