6 G-mail Invites

I just got my 6 G-mail invites. I know there have already been some threads for these (that’s where I got my account), but I thought some more people might still be looking for one. First six to reply get one! Need a first and last name and an e-mail. If you don’t want those made public, just put a placeholder here and PM me the info.

i want one
Jamie Densley [email protected]

i’ll take one
PM’d info

Me Please, [email protected]
thank you

Wasabe, SamAdam, fudge you’re all set.

Still have 3 left!

sure ill take one

mightymonkies [at] hotmail [dot] com

thanks dude

ooohhh I’d like one
Rob Moore

add two more. the next one who wants one gets it from kirpre and the two after that gets one from me. i realy want to loose them.

if there are stilll any left ill gladly take one.

donkim (at) comcast.net

Anyone else wanting one please say, anyone after this post I will give a invite to. I have 6 !

im first :stuck_out_tongue: . i have to give away two.

6 more :smiley: Why the sudden rush? No-one replied in the last thread, though I managed to out two…

I’d be honored to get one. :smiley:

erisv779 [at] student.liu.se

There you go Eric, hope you enjoy it!

Thanks a million. =)

What’s with this gmail spam anyhoo? :-?


Since i have the invites, why should I let them go to waste?? Come on!

I hooked up NateTG, Zenitor and zdk1. I’m out. They’re all yours mifune and Ic3Cold.

What’s with this gmail spam anyhoo?

G-mail offers so much space for storage, it really helps people like graphic artist that need more space or the option to send almost unlimited file sizes.

thanks kirpre :slight_smile:

hey, dont want to be selfish, so if other people want some, give them away first, but i have a friend who would also like an invite.

chiakioo [at] hotmail [dot] com

if this is possible, i’d be really greatful! thanks :slight_smile: