6 min animation, my senior project for college, youtube

Hey everyone, first up thanks for anyone who helped me solve problems with this along the way. This animation is my senior project for the Animate Arts curriculum at Northwestern. Anyway I worked like crazy on this for about the past 12 weeks and here it is. First up here is a description (from my artist’s statement:)


This short animation attempts to emphasize the incoherence of human endeavors in relation to each other and the planet we live on. By exhibiting a few representations of Humans’ varied relationships with each other as well as their environment, I aimed to create a feeling of tension between everyday perception and a possible outsider’s perception of human activity. The purpose of this is to encourage the viewer to consider his or her own personal and political opinions in a new light. Rather than convey this through dialogue, I chose to juxtapose various familiar and unfamiliar scenes, in an attempt to subtly communicate the intention of the piece.
Translation: this animation combines the most boring parts of 2001: A Space Odyssey with the plotless progression and liberal guilt-trip of koyannisqatsi (sp?)

youtube: (NOW WORKS)

h.264 quicktime .mov: (68.2 MB)

xvid .mp4 (58.9MB)

Overall I am not happy with some parts of the animation, and I am proud of others. This was the first time I even attempted to do character animation myself, and it shows. On the other hand I’m pretty happy with the soundtrack. Due to time constraints and the fact that I worked on this all alone, it’s not as extensive or good as I hoped it would be. I didn’t go for full realism, rather I wanted a stylized feel and overall I think it came out OK. Despite some (big) flaws, I hope you enjoy it! C&C is welcome, I guess, but there’s about 0 chance I’m going to go back to work on this any more… :wink:

NOTE: The youtube isn’t up yet, it’s still processing so if it doesn’t load check back later.

edit: I might encode some other formats later on, if youtube or quicktime don’t work for you I’ll try and get xvid up, or something, soon.

First time anims show a bit. The production quality is excellent. The concept came through fine. Overall well done.

Thanks. I am waiting for youtube to accept my video, for some reason the other one failed so I’m trying again with an xvid… I’ll post when it’s fixed.

edit: youtube link working! no excuses now!

downloading the xvid right now :slight_smile:

edit: not too bad, esp. considering you must have had a deadline :slight_smile:

Render time and how many systems did you render it on? Neat work. The Mov file seamed kind of messed up because it kept skipping

I could just see 3/4 of the movie. Think the .mov is messed up. Im on linux though, it could be a devestating factor.

apparently, the youtube video has been ‘removed by user’

madcow: yeah for some reason the link was pointing to the old version still. I think I fixed that. Also the quicktime version is funny for some reason, I recommend viewing the .mp4 version.

felix: yep, I only had about the past 12 weeks to work on it, which seems like a long time until you have to do it

mr rage: I used Respower so it took about 2 days and was rendering on about 15-30 nodes for most of the time.

nice … i think for human characters, you should’ve gone with even more simplified visual style… you know, just silhouette for example… but, i liked it.


Some parts has to much detail other not good detail make it fluent in details!
The gun look detailed in modeling the man don`t > not nice to visual aspects !
The grass look nice the tree looks nice but the sheep looks more like a dog with big proportions!
The earth look just like a ball textured the clowds are just plastic and the continents are not all dull and grain > earth has vegetation!

Overall nice concept!

bump? … the youtube does work now for anyone that missed it earlier.

This was totally awesome IMO, i liked the middle part of the film with the music and that sort mysterious feeling like " what’s going on here right now" and so on. 4 stars from me it was a bit undetailed at some parts though. I’d like to do a long animation too but i don’t know where to start like the plot and so and the render times are very long for one single computer.

Sorry for double post ignore this

very nice cross-section of civiliZation. :slight_smile:

Yeah !
Very cool stuff on your short !
I like specially the “top view” in your movie, really interesting stuff !!!