6 ways to reduce game file size

Lots of people have been complaining about previous BGMC file limits, so this tutorial is dedicated to show you how to shrink down the size of the game!


Also remove unused textures and materials by Shift clicking on the X by their name.

Yes this is a good one! especially the textures if they are packed.

In many blender games. I noticed the same textures being used twice or more. IE wood.png, wood.png 001, wood.png 002, etc
You can reassign those textures using only wood.png, get rid of the rest as Nicolas-A says
I still say;

Gamers don’t care about file sizes. Except maybe the ones here. Gamers are looking for quality games. Maybe game devs should start listening to gamers.
You mentioned the 12 mb limit in your video, yet this video tutorial (1280 x 720) is 26 mb to download. Some video tutorials are 150 mb or more, and no-one cares. I have DL 1.5 gig concerts with the worst internetconnection since dialup, (Hughesnet) And I don’t care the file size. Just my .02 do as you like. :slight_smile:
Great video as usual.

It’s a good point but you shouldn’t use this as an excuse not to be efficient, decrease file sizes also means:
-decreased loading times
-decreased download time
-increased performance

I don’t think we will see a big BGE game, perhaps in UPBGE or armoury, but otherwise not, so the very least we can do is make sure that the people don’t have to wait 2 hours to download a mini-game :wink:

I have to agree with those points because sometimes when I want to download a super simple game to my phone, one that could have been no more than 5 mb in Blender, is around 50 mb on the app store! It is very annoying.

50 mb is nothing, even on my 3rd world internet service. Hell I DL UE4 which was 7 gig, (I think) and didn’t care.
So don’t listen the gamer, and wonder why your game gets bad reviews on steam, or wherever.

I disagree. When I bought FFXIIV, it literally took me 4 weeks of constantly leaving my computer online to download it. (Game is bigger than 60 gigabytes) internet where I live is terrible…

Why not use a download manager.

WOW 60 gig is a bit large for a game. I can agree with you there. And nothing wrong with optimizing a game, I also agree on that.
But, consider this, UE4 procedural forest pack contains textures that range from 2048 to 80?? photrealistic PBR textures. 4 gig total DL.
So reducing textures for filesize going into the next gen of games, may not be the best idea, if you want to sell games.

Like I said, I would expect you all to disagree with me, because you are game devs, I’m just a gamer. an old one, with carpel tunnel, and arthritis, oy, but still a gamer. :slight_smile:

BTW, I just DL a video that was 365 mb on how UE4 made those textures. No prob.

Are you connecting with satellite also? Where I live is basically like where you live, (Northeast Appalachi) in the middle of nowhere LOL not even cell phone service here.

Haha, no we’re still using dial-up.

Ouch. I feel your pain. I had dial-up, I got no more than 3.2 K. never 56K. I spent a lot of time at my local library where they had wifi. Which is why I got the satellite. I can get 3 megs now, and unlimited DL between 2:00 AM and 7:00 AM. Otherwise it’s 200 mb limit. At $40 a month. Sucks but better than dial-up. :slight_smile:

I’m on broadband with 128 kbps download… (max full speed)
Really sad when… “No resume supported” on certain site.
or when randomly “your session has expired” caused by unknown (IP switching?)

Yeah I hated that. My ISP would log me off all the time. Session ended while downloading. I wanted to DL concerts in Flac format, and trade them on dime or pirates bay etc. Couldn’t do that with dialup. So I realized that it’s time to upgrade. It’s the same thing if you want to develop games and share them, or DL games and play them. You have to upgrade your stuff, including ISP. Think of it as part of your tool kit. My old PC didn’t support GLSL, I didn’t ask people here to make games in multitexture so I could play them. I upgraded my PC. Take a look at what Unreal Engine is doing, then talk to me about file sizes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clakekAHQx0 Warning; video at 1280 x 720 is 365 mb.

thanks you very much :stuck_out_tongue: