6-Word Fiction

Hey guys,
The newest issue of “Wired” magazine had an interesting concept in it: they asked a whole bunch of prominent authors write short stories that were only 6 words long. I found it very interesting, and I thought it might be fun to write some of our own. Create an entire story using only six words. DO NOT continue someone else’s story, each story must stand alone. This is not a “text adventure” or a collaborative story, just create your own story in only six words.

My own short SF story:
“One day the orangutans attained sentience…”

“Stone by stone I build a house”

That’s 7 but hell… “a” isn’t really a word, is it?

“The monster came and ate everybody”


Now the big man has eaten.

The terse writing challenge enticed Blenderheads.

A Dragon just devoured Super Wu.


The Sybaritic Drag-queen plummeted earthward, awkwardly.

Man uncovers lost socks under bed…


Awaking, no body parts, just vertices…

…that reads: “Me Tonto - you Jane!”

“This morning, quite unexpectedly, everything stopped.”

The hero faced the villain. Victory.

With six words the universe ended.

thumbs up.

A man just lost his marbles.

Once upon a Time: The End.

(I win, mwahaha)

The woodchuck chucked no wood today.

World ignorance bloomed
Mankind soon disappeared.

elephants dreamed
Ton coded
Blender exploded!

A large cow ate Ton Roosedaal…