6 x Blender/Zbrush Character Models Needed

Hey guys, I have a paid job on offer

I need experienced ZBrush/ Blender modelers to create a group of 6 fictional characters from sketches we have made. (see attached PDF). QMS Superhero Animation Brief.pdf (1.1 MB)

These characters are a group of heroes but each has different ‘powers’ or abilities kind of like the Xmen. Once modelled we would need these rigged so that each character had a little 5-second animation, for example, jumping into the air and hovering, crouching into position or holding a ball of fire in their hand etc.

The final output files we need are the rigged blender models with animation so that we can render them ourselves in Blender. We also want the ability to pose the models ourselves so will also need an option where each character is just standing still.

The sketches in the PDF are fairly smooth and don’t have a lot of detail so we WANT you to add a little more detail in the models such as muscle definition, textures, facial features etc as shown in this example:

The clothing, hair, and accessories would need to be colored as they are in the sketches and would need texture too.

As you can see the characters are science fiction style but based on real human proportions. We want them to have superhuman powers and behave in a similar way, for example, the woman with the fire hair would want it to glow and float a little like fire would.

The timeframe for this task is to be fully completed by August 21st 2019.

If you feel you can achieve all this, please get back to me with a quote and we can get started.

Thanks guys.

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I can do it for you
Here is my website :-

Hi I have fair experience in blender and zbrush this is my Artstation https://www.artstation.com/sreekanth

Hi, My team have vast experience in this field and many more here is the website. If we are someone you would be interested in working with you can contact me via pm or my personal email. [email protected]

I work in gaming industry for years and do freelance too
How much is the price
I only use zbrush no Blender
If you are OK
Please Reply me on [email protected]

Hello, I am a character artist with over 7 years of professional experience, would love to apply for the job and find out more details.

My website is:

please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions you may need me to answer.

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