60 frames but looks like 30..


I am running my game at 60 fps(this is what the framerate says!),but from time to time its like decreasing to 30fps but getting back to 60 quick,and again and again.
This is quite annoying and its an obstacle to a quality game…

You guys noticed this? Have you ever had this type of issue.

NOTE: This happens on simpler scenes too.
The framerate shown there(left up corner) is always 60!

This is just a wild guess: Search for vsynch. There might be a configuration to play with.

i also had the same problem and searced for ‘vsync’…and saw that you can turn the vsync off in the nvidia control panel…is there a way to do this with a ati card…as i dont have the ati control center installed…only the drivers

You should be able to download a new driver package from ATI’s site and install the control center.

Yeah my bad I forgot to mention I even enabled vsync and same problem…
I think I will reinstall the drivers and get another blender build,not sure what causes this.

If Necrosys is your game, and this is where you get 30fps slow downs, I think it might be related to the game…scripts, many objects and light in the field of view from time to time…shaders, fiters.
I’m experiencing similar slow downs but it is normal for a game with a lot of stuff in it.
Check it by removing objects or lights or whole layers and test.
And if this is what worries you, wait until you add enemies with AI and stuff…
Optimizing the game from time to time,especially for BGE is essential, and its hard and time consuming.

P.S. The game quality is great! Congratulations!

Nah,i get the same problem on simpler scenes!I got AI,2 lamps,most scripts done and some optimizations and if i uncheck use framerate i get 140 fps/sec. Its just some weird issues.

You might want to try disabling VSync. With VSync enabled, if the FPS of a game ever drops below the monitor’s refresh rate, then it will wait until the next drawn frame to draw the screen, which means that your game could run at either 60 FPS or 30 FPS, rather than 59.6 FPS, for example.

Ah then,vsync off its better than on. Good to know SLune!

Well, it depends on the situation. If your computer (or the player’s computer) can handle the game at 60 FPS reliably, then VSync on would force the game to draw full frames, and so prevents screen tearing. If the game is more complex and might dip below 60 FPS, then turning off VSync can allow you to have a more smooth FPS value. At least, that’s my understanding of it.