60 free trial of xsi 7 - what to do?

i have this free trial from 3dworld.
i’ll never buy the full thing.
what can i do/scavenge to use with blender after the 60 days are up?

is it possible to import xsi models into blender?..

yep, obj. and it exports with vn (vertex normals) perfect…

it also export *.x well (some tricks have to be used) , but tehre’s no weight and bones animation *.x import support in Blender, I am afraid.

Edit: not of much use here, but it also exports well collada and fbx.

what can i do/scavenge to use with blender after the 60 days are up?

Well while you have the 60 days model to your hearts content and as stated export the files either to an OBJ file format or the collada file.

I haven’t tried exporting animation, just do it with in blender.

As an XSI foundation user, I think it is a pitty they let the foundation release go, but the upgrade will be worth it.

But in any case most of the functions the XSI has are now supported in blender, fur, cloth, kick ass UV editing which even version seven is lacking (I know about the roadkill LSCM plugin that was taken right out of blender 2.42/2.43’s code.)

Pretty well much all I used Foundation for was rendering. I model everything in blender. Bring it over to XSI later.

As to your question the software on the 60 day trial. When it is finished you cannot scavenge anything out of it, except exported models.

is really useful for me, I am glad to read it here.