60 min talk/tutorial to greasepencil

Hey there
I was honored to be allowed making a talk for Animation exchange ( http://www.animstate.com/animation-exchange-2021-prerecorded-talks/ )
and I covered almost everything I know about grease pencil and also combined it with a rig in Blender

there are also two other talks about blender you might like.

Hope you enjoy it an happy learning!


Thank-You for sharing this…
I was mystified on the Grease-pencil the first time I tried it, after I had the line…what / how to continue and I saw many artist doing marvelous things with it…but tutorials on how to actually use it were almost non-existent. Thanks Again!

hey thanks for the reply!
Very glad this can be of help. I’m using it for a while now and have lots of fun with it.
Also you can see the little project sceene in tehre seperately here.