60's Animation-Character Development

A 60’s short story animation I am working on. Initial character Design 3 Days in.
Any suggestions on the character as a Whole! Thanks

WireFrame Views

Love the character design! Looks like something by David Roberts

Show us some wireframes… the design is good but is the topology good enough for animation?

Hey, Any tips on how to do the best wireframe render?? An Just a outline of how i have thought about the topology on the Head. Blue are areas of concern! Any Tips on Fixing it?


Just the head topology outlined. Blue are areas of concern! any tips or solutions would be great!

Topology Outlined
Can anyone suggest any improvements or solutions?
Blue areas are areas of concern!

Character Fully rigged and working with Shape Keys.

House Modelling Started!

Say What you think!

love the character model, is it based on you? looks similar from your profile pic :slight_smile:
and well done getting it fully modelled and rigged in a week :slight_smile:

Yeah, its based on a drawing I drew from life of myself! Also inspired by Tim Burton sketches an character design!
Haha Thanks :slight_smile:

Very nice looking. I suppose you already have a story in mind?

Thanks :slight_smile: An yep, all the design is biased around the story. Just Finished scripting and storyboarding it. :slight_smile:

House almost finished, Working on the interior! Tell me what you think!


well done, even though its cartoony its still quite clear as to what it was modelled from…you lol :slight_smile:
as for the house it looks cool, but kinda hard to see because of that background which is the house and which is the texture.

Hey Yeah was just playing with the settings, Think this is any better?

Ah yeah thats much better, only subtle but the alpha being increased makes a big difference :slight_smile:

Yeah plumguy, When its finished i will post the link for it :slight_smile:

latest on the house


House almost finnished with interior!

House finished with interia and character

Started Animating!

Hey Just a quick update on lighting! animation is 1300 frames in at 24fps! Here are some renders!