60s Interior

started modeling this living room some month ago. Got inspired by some tv show (guess which one ;))

there are still some problems i.e. the lighting, the to lamps which pop out to much, the noise, the glass, …

there is just a bit of compositing, so this is also not finished at all

everything is modeled by me

let me know what you think :smiley:

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The first thing I notice is that there are certain spots that look bland/flat (examples: the floor underneat both the right hand lamp and fireplace seems shadeless). I have no idea what it’s called so I’ll call it an “Ambient Occlusion thingy”.

Even though the room itself is filled with furniture etc… it just doesn’t feel like anyone lives there. Some magazines on the viewers’ side of the coffee table, a folded blanket on the side of the sofa or a painting/picture above the fireplace would break the flet feeling the overall image has now.

It has the potential to end up looking incredible! Keep up the good work.


looks nice, kind of dark though. could be something to d with your monitor settings.

If I were you, I would add some normal mapping (for example for the bricks of the fireplace) so as to give you materials more volume. For your lights you can probably achieve something better with just a bit of composing. Also, try not to align the furniture perfectly, it looks strange and artificial to me.

Other than that, it’s a pretty good interior. Good luck with your lights.

made it a bit brighter in Photoshop (quick and dirty)
thanks to @Modron, I noticed my monitor was a bit too bright

thanks for the tips guys :slight_smile:

did some minor changes: made the lights brighter, the bricks of the fireplace are now modeled and not only a texture, added a plant, …

and of course I did some compositing

the render:

after compositing (with blender):

and finally I went crazy :spin: and added a vintage look to it

used a very nice script for gimp: https://sites.google.com/site/elsamuko/gimp/vintage
but this is maybe a bit to much … :confused:

let me know what you think

Is it a bit hazy now or is it just me? Looks like the early morning after an all-night house party where everyone was smoking.

Even though it bears very little resemblance feature-wise, for some reason it reminds me of Maxwell Smart’s living room. Maybe it’s just the ambiance. :slight_smile: