+62 Zone ( Sci-fi FPS Game)

Game Title : +62 Zone
BGE-I Project (Blender Game Engine Indonesia)
Genre : Sci-fi First Person Shooter


+62 Zone is Sci-Fi Game tells of the fight against the government and alien to restore human civilization, and why to use the title of +62 Zone? because the game tells the story of events in Indonesia +62 districts… and we hope that this game will be successful in the future


This game is still WIP and in development


The menu is already done? It´s looking freaking bad ass!

That looks really really awesome.

Those images look very nice!

(Not to sound bitter here, but…) there have been so many projects (not just here, but everywhere) I have seen over the years that have started like this: Pretty menu and some beauty shots of high-detail weapon models (usually involving one or more models of the MP5, for some reason). 99% of the time (this is a pessimistic figure), they don’t go any farther than that, because they are trying to work top-down, rather than bottom-up.

This looks cool, it just appears to me to be heading in the same direction, right off the bat. I will not feel bad at all if you can prove me wrong here :wink:

Not that you don’t want to hook people with good visuals, but if there’s no game behind it, it’s kind of pointless.

because they are trying to work top-down, rather than bottom-up.

Yup, I always make the menu and settings last.

of the fight against the government and alien to restore human civilization

I am guessing that your english isn’t your first language… But if there is a government doesn’t that mean that there is civilization?

that only menu concept… the main menu still WIP … and perhaps that will be changed…

NEW WIP… Highpoly Sniper Rifle…


this is newest WIP … . Sniper rifle

I love single player sci-fi fps. Be creative on the aliens, there’s nothing more disappointing in a fps than cheap enemies.

The props look amazing! I hope this will go somewhere nice!

Have you tried fitting that gun to a human model yet?

I’m no gun expert, so maybe this isn’t my place to make criticisms, but I have a real hard time seeing how someone is supposed to operate that rifle without breaking their arm in the process, at least if they want to put their shoulder against the stock.

owh… haha… i dunno too how that work…

As far as I know these sniper rifles aren’t made for running round and shooting with (even though most FPS games might have fooled you into thinking that). The weapon is meant to be used WITH the bi-pod (those two little legs under the barrel) and something for the bi-pod to stand on (e.g. the ground).
In most cases you shouldn’t need a supporting hand at all just a trigger hand, see reference video.

As you mentioned though the stock is very small especially for fitting to the players shoulder, but if you can’t see the players shoulders and what is connecting to them, does it really matter (regarding the FPS view)?

Yeah… so Length of Pull, distance from the trigger to the butt is usually around 13 or 14 inches on a factory gun. I have 6’ 6" arm span and I like at least 14 inches LOP. Any shorter than 13 inches and my wrist doesn’t like it.

Nines picture helps, but the armature is chicken winging it! Nooo!