64 bit 32 bit software

If it says “will work on 64 bit and 32 bit system”, that means it is 32 bit software? as 64 bit will not work on old 32 bit systems?

Probably 32-bit, yes.

Im seeing Photoshop cs6 from $200 to $1599 How can it be? I can get the full version around $300 and it looks like legal versions. At both these sites I can pay Paypal. I am taking a class. It looks Ok to me.


I can get cs5 for a good price. I wounder how much changed from cs5 to cs6


No matter now. I ordered Photoshop 5

Good luck. Depending on the price you paid, and other factors (such as that only a digital version through email will be delivered), there is a fairly large chance of receiving a cracked non-legal version on eBay. Especially older versions, since those are known for their relatively simple cracks.

Here’s a quick checklist to see if your Photoshop copy is legit. If your Photoshop or other Adobe software product is:

  • Shipped from China
  • Missing its warranty card
  • The serial number/CD key is printed on the CD, sleeve, or jewel case.
  • During product activation does not give you the option of phoning in to activate
  • Throws error messages upon loading, crashes, or simply won’t load
  • Keyboard shortcuts aren’t working
  • Examine the box your software came in. Look for:
  • “Made in Singapore”
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Low resolution black and white images in the manual
  • CD Inserts that are only one sheet, or don’t quite fit the jewel case
  • The “Runs Great on Intel” sticker/ graphic on the box is faded or “grayed out” looking


on the other end of the spectrum
i have been using and building from source
The Gimp for 14 years

and it is under the GPL

the development version(2.9) and the next release(3.0) do and will support 16 bit and 32 bit images

Which is nice, but what about non-destructive adjustment layers, filters, and layer effects? Or non-destructive transformations? Or multiple page support? Or external file layers, or instanced layers?

Gimp is okay, but too far behind the competition in many ways. Compare Photoshop or Photoline. Even Krita outperforms it in most areas, and Krita’s focus is not even image editing!

Building from source is not exactly user-friendly for creatives, by the way. The Windows version (2.9) is dreadfully slow in operations for me as well.

Having said that, there are a couple of features that are quite useful, such as the noHalo resampling for downscaling troublesome moire-prone images. I use Gimp 2.9 as a plugin for Photoline .:wink: