64 bit Blender?

Are there any plans to make a 64 bit version of Blender, or integrate a 64 bit mode? I tried the search function to see if this topic has been brought up before, but it didn’t yield any results.

A long time ago there was a port to the 64-bit ALPHA platform. But that was back in the 2.23 days.

You can compile it in 64 bits. I’ve done this on a linux box before without problems.

Any links or websites on how to compile it on a AMD64-X2 OpenSuse 10.1 box?

I don’t have them saved, but a bit of googling should throw up some blender pages. You want to find list of things needed, you also want CVS and scons. Use scons to build it.

There are a couple of tutorials around. Annoyingly I can’t find them now as I want to compile on my 32 bit box and it isn’t working, dagnabbit.


delte this plz

I run Windows XP… So compiling in Linux ain’t an option!:smiley:

You could try here, I use one of these builds:D


Hope it helps.