64-bit Blender?

Is it better than 32-bit? I know that 64-bit is typically faster but it is “experiamental” and doesn’t support all of the features. I was just wondering which one is better and if 64-bit is “stable”? I have Windows Vista 64-bit but am currently using 32-bit.

Well, I’ve been using the 64 bit Linux version of blender and it’s been rock solid stable, fast and seems to have all of the features I’m used to. Can’t speak for the windows version.

I run 64 bit version under XP, works fine, especially with big or complex scenes. But for closing productions I use the 32 bit version for its quicktime support and so …


Why do you think 64bits is experimental?

I’m running 64but Vista and Blender goes down like a scarecrow with bones of Jello, and it typically takes the rest of my computer with it. I don’t know if I’ve “installed” it wrong or what, but having any object in edit mode is extremely risky. It makes it hard to get any work done.

blender on windows 64-bit is experimental…
give you feedback here http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=148072

If you run Linux, have at the 64-bit version. It runs fine here and always has. As for “better”, it depends on what you’re doing. If you need alot of hair strands/particles, etc, 64-bit is better. Some scenes in BBB had to have a 64-bit version because of all the hair (as far as I understand it).

Is a 64bits OSX on track for the next Snow Leopard release?

Blender 2.48a 64 bit
Python 2.5.4 64 bit

Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit
AMD Athlon 64 3200 + 2 GHZ
2 gigs of RAM
Radeon 9800 PRO with 511 MB (that’s what dxdiag told me)

I opened the zipped archive and put the Blender folder in my Program file. I put a shortcut on my desktop.

As long as I stay out of edit mode, and don’t have a node window open, it’s fine. While I’m in edit mode, or have a nodes window open, it crashes, and frequently. Not just Blender, I have to press the restart button on my computer when it goes down.

I had XP home, 32 bit before, and Blender would crash occasionally, but not nearly as often, maybe once every couple of months when I’d been in edit mode for a long time and tried to zoom in or out.

I tried installing the 32 bit version of Blender and Python and it did the same thing. I’ve tried searching around, but I really have no idea what the problem is, what is causing it, or what to do about it. I just know it’s damn hard to get anything done if my computer can’t keep it together.

Any ideas of what I could at least attempt to do to rectify the problem? Thanks.

Maybe it has something to do with this:

Note: The 64bit release of Blender for Windows is still in a somewhat experimental stage: it doesn’t support all possible features yet, like FFMPEG and Quicktime. It also may not start properly on non-Vista systems. (from the official download page)

I’ve only recently tarted using the Win64 version … I’ll try to report back here once I’ve determined how it performs in actual projects.