64-bit Mac

Hey, now that the Windows and Linux versions are 64-bit compatible, when are we gonna see the same for OSX?

There was a project a while ago to port Blender to Cocoa (or something like that, I’m not a Mac person), to have 64 bit support, but it is on hold due to the amount of work to be done. Besides, isn’t Mac OS X a 32 bit operating system anyway.

I believe that Leopard is now 64-bit

Mac OS X has been capable of running 64 bit processes for a good while, and since 10.5, it’s been able to run 64 bit cocoa GUI apps.

Blender uses carbon, not cocoa though, so most of the Mac-specific code in Blender will have to be rewritten for 64 bit support. Hope it happens before long!

I believe MrRage is still working on this. Which is probably good - make it easier to port the refactor stuff for 2.50.

I can compile Blender 64 Bits under linux Ubuntu 8.04 but can’t do the same for win64.
Under win64 I have no openAl, blenderplayer for GE and ffmpeg I think.
Or these are not available for win64 or I am missing something to compile it.