64 IMPALA I'm trying to apply an image texture and it's not working

I’m trying to apply an image texture to the instrument panel of the 64 Impala and it’s not working. I’m doing what I normally do so if you could tell me how to do this exactly I’d appreciate it. Here’s a picture of what’s going on

the blend file here!.:grinning: https://hidrive.ionos.com/lnk/gWCGHRoJ Thanks in advance for any help!

Try this:

In the shader graph press the home key, you should see a separate set of nodes, click on the material output of the one you want to activate it… It should turn red.

will try that! thanks !!

You have two outputs on the Material

Step 1: Delete the extra outputs

Step 2: Hit the 3 with the faceplate selected (this indicates how many items are using this material) hitting the 3 will make the material unique. Rename as necessary.

Step 3: Add your material back on the object, and presto!

You’ll be back on the road.

I remade the instrument panel like the one you had was messed up…I matched a plain to your outline and subdivided it several times…then applied a new UV map, using project from view, and sized and moved with proportional editing…to get the image looking better on the new mesh…