64 Mustang

one of my favourite cars ever. always wanted to model one of these


  1. Rear wheels are slightly too fat and should be less wide.
    2)The front wheels are waaaaay too far in the wheel arches which makes the proportions look all wrong.
    3)The bonnet vent should be slightly lower.

Other than that the actual modelling is good except for those few little nickles.

Overall well done :slight_smile:

thanks for the comment really helpful. you were right about the tyres the newest render lokk alot better

now fo some colour leaning towards this cherry red with chrome accents. any ideas on how to make realistic car paints?


Matt Ebb is/was the paint guy. Just send this sweet ride over to his shop. :slight_smile:

a quick little thing that i just figured out is to add a cloud texture and set the size to 0, then change the influence add spec intencity and take color off… hope it helps :slight_smile:

@3dmentia thanks for the link was very helpfull i understand car paints alot more

@natholas i like how the spec gives it that candy painted look

i might use both these material types and throw them in to the node editor i’ve been wanting to use that for a while :slight_smile:

just a quick render before i go to bed. liking how the materials are coming along now


It’s getting alot better now.

The crome thing that juts over the front tire looks paper thin.
Other than that it looks good.

You nailed the paint and crome shaders.

thanks for the comment :slight_smile:
i’m thinking i might just add a solidify modifier to that might sort out that issue

That looks really very, very good! Well done! Good to see that you ironed those problems out and I have to say it makes a world of difference. Also luving that detail on the front of the car :smiley:

Keep up the good work!

Amazing, its a beautiful peace of art, i’d like to see a handle slot on the door though : ).

@Porkfist thanks, your tips really did make it alot better :).

@daniel.waters yeah i have the handle modeled its on another layer i just forgot to make the layer visible before rendering it should be in the next render i put up as long as i don’t forget again

Most recent render
I went away and redid some things like the windows body work and hood scoop. I added in an interior. Not really a fan of the rims any more so they might go also I’ve almost got the paint sorted. Still to fix Tire texture lights and background. All comments and critiques welcome