64bit anyone?

Has anyone here tried to make an .exe with the 64bit version of Blender?? I could really use your assistance.

When I follow all the directions on how to make an exe, including putting the DLLs in the same folder as the exe, I’m still getting an error message. It says that it can’t find python25.dll … but it is there. I’ve had someone else look at this too and we just can’t figure this one out.

Is there something different about using a 64bit platform?

Can’t say for Windows, but 64 bit Linux works great for me…

From what I can tell, you can’t.

I used 64bit version for Vista for the past week or so, and then started noticing some weird stuff. Physics would randomly stop working, and there were all sorts of weird glitches.

Of course, the real kicker is when I tried to save a runtime… it gives you an error. You know why? There’s not even a blenderplayer.exe in the folder. It’s not included apparently in the official build. The associated .dlls are also missing.

Either try another build off of graphicall.org, or just use 32bit.


Yes, I know what you mean about the missing DLLs not being packed with Blender 64bit. I had to download Blender vista/windows and take the DLLs out of that zip file and put them where I needed them. Same with blenderplayer. I know it is a stretch to do that but it is frustrating to be at a disadvantage when 64bit is supposed to be better.