64bit build getting the shaft on sculpt modes?

no pun intended :slight_smile:

Just downloaded the 64bit 2.53 beta, and none of those nifty new sculpting brushes were in it. The 32bit has it, but no the 64.

I noticed that there were some things lacking in previous 64bit releases on there as well, that worked in 32bit ones.

anyone know why/what’s going on?

Which platform?

You have to ask?

windows operating system

Yes, i can confirm this on windows 7 x64 and the 2.53 beta

Same here, but the tools are there, under the tools section. Apparently you have to create a new brush, assign the desired tool and values!

Sounds like the wrong default blend is being used. Can you confirm that resetting the default blend “fixes” the issue?

Loaded Factory Default settings, and they were there. So you’re saying, I can’t have access to new brushes list if I load an old project?

Consider it a bug; its known we need a way to reset brushes.