64bit Ubuntu + wacom + Blender

Anyone using this combination? I am a Mac user, but am seriously considering Linux, most likely Ubuntu, as my next OS… So, how is the set up for tablets? Can I assign rmb, mmb, lmb functionality to my wacom? And, do these, Ubuntu, Wacom, and Blender, play well together? Thanks for your input!

They should. I am using 64bit Ubuntu and everything works great for me. I’m not sure about the button configuration, but it should be possible. I should warn you that all of these configurations are done by hand in a text file. There is no GUI configuration tool that I know of.

Debian Testing 64bit, Wacom Intuos2, Blender 2.47
Working just fine here. The xorg.conf needs some tweaking for the wacom to work and there are some troubles with multiscreen workplaces.
With xinerama set for the xserver the tablet can only be used fullsize on one screen or stretched over 2 screens, the option thats available in twinview to map the tablet on one screen and if you reach the each of one screen it maps the tablet to the second screen seems still unavailable for xinerama.

BTW there is a xconfig tool for the wacom module. but it sucks ^^ but i am sure every second member of this board can post you the wacom config for the xserver ^^

“twinview” is a good choice rather than xinerrama if you have an nvidia card and use the drivers from nvidia… then you can map your tablet to each screen and pass between them by hovering at the edge- even the official windows drivers can;t do that! (or leave it at the default of full desktop)

once the tablet is working (probably by editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf) then you can configure buttons as folllows:

if you install the wacom driver yourself you get the “wacom control panel” (type “wacomcpl” in a terminal window) which is a bit buggy… but it is quick to assign functions to buttons etc through a GUI…

else its manual in a terminal…

$ xsetwacom set stylus Button1 “button 2”

would turn a click from the tip of the stylus into a middle click for example… for more type “xsetwacom list param” in a terminal

you canmake a text file to configure all of this or add it to xorg.conf in a slightly different format

Option “Button1” “button 2”
in the "stylus section for example

OK, thanks for the info. I have messed around in the OSX terminal to reassign key mappings in X11, but I am no programmer. How often should I expect to use terminal in Ubuntu?

All the time. It is worth it to learn, you become tons more tech savvy and you can do things that you once thought were impossible.

It depends. I use it all the time now, but when I first started, I rarely used it, because everything default was fine for me and I wasn’t trying to do extra stuff which wouldn’t “just work”.

Hey Michael, on a selfish behalf, are you running twinview?
It´s been quite a time i tried twinview, and i am with xinerama since then, because at that time the proprietary nvidia driver was not able to open fullscreen openGL applications on one screen (preferable the primary) but always opened them up centered.
So my resolution with twinview is 3280x1200 and an FS openGL app in 1600x1200 of the primary opened up from x=840 to x=2440 cutting the app apart over the two screens, and there was no workaround or fix.
Do you know by any chance if this is fixed in the actual beta drivers? I´d rather ask first than change my whole setup :smiley: i am lazybones^^
It mostly refers to games (quakewars, savage2 and some other cool linux games) thats why i haven´t tried it lately. simply no time ^^

Amen, brudda. TwinView is the go.

I use all of three. However, I rarely use the wacom in blender, but it works fine in GIMP.

As far as the terminal is concerned, for most things it isn’t necessary, just better.
Like Blender, once you get into it, you’ll prefer it.

The only fullscreen opengl apps that I’ve run are from the blender game engine where I get that behaviour you’re describing…

there may be a workaround… dunno!

If you use the nvidia-settings command from a terminal it’s easy to disable one monitor whilst you play a game if you get a problem!
I have a shortcut to the nvidia-settings on my top panel anyway…