64GB Pro GPU models coming, AMD's Vega II and Vega II Duo

The regular model doesn’t have 64GB, but it still has at least 32GB.

One thing about the new professional cards that we haven’t seen yet from AMD is that the Duo uses some form of the Infinity Fabric to allow for ultra high-speed transfer rates between the two dies (it has two Vega II chips). In addition, it means the compute core count goes up to 128, well above that of the Vega 64. If only OpenCL was up to snuff, this could be the thing that finally makes the GPU able to replace the CPU in most rendering tasks (as even massive scenes with ultra-detailed models and micro-displacement could fit in the memory).

One thing that isn’t certain yet is if these are mainly for the new Mac Pro or they will be available from other vendors who specialize in workstations, though the new Mac models will allow up to 2 Duo’s and therefore 128 gigs of memory. Sadly, these will probably be incredibly pricey due to the cards being complete overkill for gaming and general media (as these are for creators utilizing DCC apps, 8K video, and other heavy tasks). That 64 gigs of memory can now fit on a board does in fact show some promise for the memory issue in terms of cheaper GPU models as rendering devices down the road.

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Agreed on the OpenCL part. They hired a new guy, sponsored by AMD, and though some changes were made by him to optimize precompile aspect, he hasn’t touched that part for some time :frowning:

Hope now that 2.8 is close to going Beta/release, he’ll get back to OpenCL optimiztions… Looking what one dev can do (the E-Cycles - CUDA optimizations gave nearly 2x render improvements). So in a way I was hoping this new guy would do the same for OpenCL … but so far… not much …

Still this GPU is unfortunately a stopgap, Basically a Radeon VII, which is Vega64 on 7nm. No architectural changes, save 16GB 1TB/s memory.

Too bad the Vega II Duo uses proprietary connector :frowning:

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This is a custom ASIC designed card by AMD with Apple, for the Mac Pro 2019 only. AMD is demonstrating its technology of Vega VII in this manner to highlight what it can offer other vendors in search of a custom solution.

No machine, but the Mac Pro will have these custom designed models as they are designed specifically for Apple MPX module.

Dayum boy !
its in the 1200 range its a big yes for a future build