'65 Corvette Mako Shark II Concept Car

I began modelling of a 1965 Concept Car which was the base concept for the later famous Corvette Stingray.

There were actually two Mako Sharks build, one concept and one fully drivable for the Paris Automobile Salon. This shall depict the drivable version, because both models are a little different.

Unfortunately there are not a lot pictures of this car on the web and as stated above there are differences between the cars, which let to some serious remodeling.

There’s still a lot of work to do, mostly on the window areas, headlights, as well as tires, brakes, interior, etc. Texturing was done pretty fast with two material nodes blended with some little vertex painting, but displays the original paint job. Maybe I am going to change it to a UV Texture later on for some rendering tests on different render engines.

I don’t know how far I am going to take this, but I will go as long as it’s fun.

I am glad for every comment and suggestions for improvements !

So this is what I got till now:


That is quite cool!

thanks kbot !


Modelled some parts of the interior and a few updates on the outside.

Does somebody has an easy way of making a grille with diamond shaped holes ?
I need one for the holes in the hood.

Is there also a way to convert the vertex Paint texture to a UV paint texture ?
I am pretty pleased with the paint job of the car, but I wanted to try to make a few renders with other renderers than the B.I. and therefore I think I will have to switch to a UV Mask.

This time I also put up an image of the back of the car.


I would say just make a diamond shaped mesh and extrude back a little, then make faces.
Kind of like… create a diamond shaped plane, delete the face, duplicate sideways, duplicate the duplication… make faces, extrude, make faces.

That’s just how I would do it though… and since I’m a noob, I would treat any advice from me as dubious.