6600 GT

Im thinking about upgradeing my Geforce FX 5200 to a Geforce 6600 GT.
If any of you have this card, I was wondering how well it runs games like:
Half-Life2 or BattleField2.

I upgraded mine from ti 4200 to a n6600 last monday. I bought battlefield2, and I can play with almost every setting at high and I’m not getting any lag. (I have a 2.4ghz with 1gb of ram 333mhz). Didn’t try to run Hl2 with it yet, but my ti4200 was working quite good with it.

i got it.
no problems with blender so far

I hate you.


Ecks: What resolution were you running at on BF2?

I hate you.
Thats not very nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have FX 5200 in my old computer and 6600 GT in my new one. I have played HL2 in both and frankly, 6600 GT is more than worth its price. It performs flawlessly in highest settings except when the AA is set too high.
Go for it.
I would advice you to wait a while though. 7800 series just came out and prices are bound to drop fast.

I was running bf2 at 800x600 at everything at high without lag, with some of the option at medium without AA it was running flawlessly at 1024x768 & 1280xwatever

I do agree that waiting for the 7800 price to drop is a good idea.

I have a Radeon 9700 All in wonder with a gig of ram and a 2.8 and I run HL2 and BF2 great…i dont see a reason to upgrade…

what do u guys think about the nvidia fx 5900? i’m thinking about getting it…cuz it seems decent and a lot cheaper than the 6600 series and such…so yeah…i mean, what’s a good card to get for around $125?

I have gforce 5200 in my new PC(!) and I still find no reason to upgrade

well i bought the Nvida SFX 580064 just the other day, man it is awsome, i played tetris the other day with ALL the bricks on full quality, and it totally didn’t lag or anything, even level ten of tetris with the blocks moving at full speed, was fine, no tearing, not dropped frames or anything.


what do u guys think about the nvidia fx 5900?

I just dont like the FX series at all. :< I just got my fx 5200 because it came with the computer.

Oh BTW Ecks: You have the 6600 GT? or just plan 6600?
I found some 6600 GT’s on www.Newegg.com around $150-$170. They got good reviews. And im looking for the AGP cards, not the PCI-E cards. If there is a better card then the 6600 GT under $180, im all ears. :wink:

Dont worry if u have anything over the 6000!

The plain 6600…NOT GT…in AGP 8x…the AGP ones cost more than the pci express

cost me 175$ CAN, which make about ~135$ US