'67 Impala - First car WIP

Well it’s my 2 week anniversary of installing blender so I figured i’d submit my first car WIP. I don’t know a lot about cars, this is the first car I’ve ever attempted to model, ever. It does seem like a nice challenge to hone my modelling skills on though. Please let me know what you think.

note: it’s already slightly different, forgot I curved the upper part of the windscreen inwards to look more like the impala

will post some more shots later once i’ve finished slicing and dicing XD

Looks good! Perfect for a video game :wink:

I would try to reduce the number of triangles (mainly in the side of the car).

try to select all [a] and Alt+J to convert triangles to quads. Then [w]–>Remove Doubles. And finally, If you experience any black seams or spots, [a] Ctrl+N, select recalculate normals outside.

This is a standard clean-up process that should be done if you run into anything unusual, which you haven’t yet. I’d suggest you hit the “Set Smooth” Button in Edit buttons while the object is selected in Object Mode.

Hi man!
Maybe if you would use loop cut you could stop this box stule, try with subsurf, but result is not always satisfing.


thanks for all your comments guys \o/ I really appreciate them, nothing like encouragement to stir on progress I say XD

that’s a handy shortcut combo there noobean, though it didn’t iron out the old triangles in the side, probably because it couldn’t without adding stuff.

hey felix, I recently fell in love with the edge loop delete, so it might well be an option i’ll think about, though I restarted the modelling from scratch due to dodgy triangles lol. Almost done with the full side, and managed to get a nice reference pic to go off instead of random shots off the net lol

modelling in the curve of the window from the start was definately a better option as this is going 100% quicker than last time. Although I did just download the geom tool, my god is it handy if you ever need to screw with your edges.

Geom tool @ blenderwiki

took longer than I thought, what with it being silly o clock in the morning :spin:

may do the front tonight, I left the windscreen as it dips in at the front and then comes up again to meet the edge of the windscreen, if you know what i mean :wink:

enjoy/mock 275 face solely squares '67 Impala of sex + the reference pic i found

It still seems like you have some triangles like right behind the middle of the front door and at the bottom right hand of the car. If they don’t give you problems then who cares, but when you put subsurf on it most likely they will. Looks better though!

anything that looks like a triangle is lying, every face has 4 edges, even if 2 of them are close together lol, they each serve their purpose :smiley:

Tried rendering the side with a subsurf mod on it and it already looks heaps better than my original attempt, what used to look like a random stick stuck onto the side now looks like the edge of my window lol

will post front/render after lunch :slight_smile:

Ok, was just checking to try and save possible trouble in the future. Glad it worked out. Good luck with everything else!

It didn’t really take that long modelling with squares in mind, And the Edge Loop cut makes for a surprisingly accurate tool for telling you when you have internal faces where there should be none lol.

I can’t wait til I actually know how to use blender lol

Just thought i’d drop in another quick one before I settle into fixing the detailing on the hood and doors.

this is with subsurf on, turning it off for edit mode works wonders lol

also, is there a shortcut key to limit selection to visible?

subsurf sucks sometimes, but your body is getting realy nicem, continue like that!


due to a fundamental modelling flaw I’ve had to lose pretty much all work i’ve done today, why didn’t I notice the line I left for the curve moved up to the window :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

almost finished the side remodel XD will post that later

this not great :frowning:
pleas look this tutorial:

Nice link, but 3 problems with that mainly

a) I don’t use 3dstudio.
b) I want to hone my skills at modelling, not making more squares lol
c) I don’t have blueprints available, those I can patch together have been customized and are therefore useless. It also doesn’t help that there are two '67 Impala’s.

As It happens i’ve just about finished basic shape, a few holes to fill in, one for the custom exhaust :slight_smile:

roughing out the details this evening, still got a bit of touching up to do on the sides

I sounded like a bit of a dick in my last post, sorry if it came across that way. I’d probably use that method, or something similar at least, if I had the blueprints.

Didn’t mean to sound offhand so I hope no offense was taken :slight_smile:


no you are soft :yes:
this tutorial is universal program
this tutorial shows procedure how on modeling car!!!
this tutorial shows how it has look topogy
this tutorial going use it on Blender 3Dmax studio Maya or others!!!

car is not 1 part, car is for to many PART!!!

almost all experience i have for other tutorial!! and www.cg-cars.com other www.3dstudio.cz

If I hadn’t already built the top it would have saved me a lot of time lol

Struggling to get the impala to a point that I like so I might have to start again, again XD
If I do then I’ll probably try the method it uses, though it is glaringly similar to how I was doing it in the first place, just a LOT neater lol

Though the method will come in handy, I do have a few blueprints for future cars that I’d like to model, quite odd really considering I just about know how to drive one and don’t even have my own one yet XD

AGH it’s that time in the morning already, time for me to finish these damn edges if I can lol

weeeell after failing and failing and failing and failing and then some more failing

I’ve scrapped the impala! This thing will be on hold indefinately, at least until I get a decent top down view of a the right model.

I’ve started working on another car though, so i’ll post that one soon XD

having a nice reference pic = win