68 camaro

the back isnt done yet

My dream car. I love it. Looks like the real deal as far as the modeling goes. I’d have gone for the exposed engine customization (like in the pic provided)…but this is still just as good. I mean…it is a 68 after all lol. I don’t remember the ss on the front though…sure this isn’t a monte carlo or something? But I’m not really a car buff, as both models look similiar to me.

Thats a pretty accurate model. You need a bit more light, I know this isn’t your final render or anything. Just you can see it a bit better. Incredible model though. What strategy did you use to make it. Extrusion with subsurf? Nice keep up the good work. :wink:

I especially like the “vectorized” effect. Looks a bit like it was drawn in inkscape. How did you do it?!

Yeah, I agree with 13bullets. I dig the vector art style here. Looks like a modified toon shade without edges. I too would love to see how you got that look.

@ house arrest: i agree

non OSA because of time restraints

@ g4b3: yah and alot of loops

that engine is looking NICE!!! You’re making me want to make one now lol. I’ll definetly be watching and if you make this car look bad…I won’t really be able to do anything about it:no:

Reflections. turn on ray mirror (I think thats the name of it) and go to town playing with the reflectivity of your surface. Also play around with the mirrored color

heres 1 of my reference pictures for the engine:
(the rest are too big)

thanks bro, and dont worry, i wont disappoint ya =P

Looks awesome, but you could use so OSA, especially in the pic with the engine.

theres a lil OSA for ya =P