6950(2gb) for viewport and 560ti(for cuda)

i am very exited, as i’ve finally purchased a geforce card for cuda in blender cycles.
i’ve currently got 6950 for display and gaming, but would eventually add in the geforce for cuda…
is it possible to run both card at the same time for the reason aforementioned. If so, how do i configure the system to work that way.
i am running this cards in windows 7 64bt.
and in the case of doing the same in ubuntu 12.10/any other linux distro, how would i go about configuring the system to work that way

in terms of luxrender/SLG would these render engines pick up all my gpus.

To answer this for the 10th time in this forum personally:

Had this just within the last 4 weeks in 2 separate subforums.

All you need is a second screen or a DIY-DVI-dummy on the CUDA card, else it will be seen as inactive and no driver will be installed and it will not be active after booting.

How about in linux

would i still need the dummy dvi-vga adapter if i had two monitors