6DoF Constraint Problem

Hello everyone!

I am having trouble with the 6DoF constraint for meshes. When I use a lot of these in a chain, some constraints fail. For example: A robot arm which has a 6DoF constraint in the shoulder that allows it only to rotate, also goes down along the Z-axis due to the weight of the whole arm.

Now I have some solutions of my own, but I rather have some tips first before I am trying them all out:

  1. I have each of my meshes that represent a different part of the arm “joint together” to a single mesh, before I constrain them to each other. Maybe it is better to “join meshes” by constraining them to each other in all 6 DoF.
  2. I need to change the collision bounds of each mesh to fit perfectly next to the other meshes.

Or are there more/better solutions?

Thanks in advance for any replies!
Kind regards,
Jos van Schijndel.:RocknRoll:

Maybe someone knows a tutorial? Or a link to another topic which uses 6 DoF-constraints as example or has problems with it? I’m happy with any information at all =)
(I also looked at the Bullet Physics website, but couldn’t find the answer there either)

I think we need more information, how about a screenshot? What is the purpose of the DoF constraints, maybe they’re not the solution you’re looking for. Maybe you would have better luck just using an armature. Perhaps your robot is too complex for DoF constraints and needs some sort of python script instead.