6dof problem

hi, i made a tank with 6dof constraints and i found a problem, the gun and wheels, and turret move alone, slowly but dont stay in the position, same way to freeze it when i dont move it ?, example, for aim with the gun… the gun fall down slowly :frowning: thanks for read.

No-one can help unless you post a file for people to look at.

It sounds like you are overcomplicating things. I have made a simple set up for you to look at and learn from. The tank has three parts, a chassis (controlled by up, left and right cursors) and a turret / gun (controlled by Q and W). The turret and gun are parented to the chassis, so as the tank moves, everything stays together.

Hope this helps,



TANK.blend (391 KB)

thanks, i think what you said is true, im complicating too much, so i need make it more simple. sad, i think i dont finish it then ):, here is the .blend, the gun/machineguns move slowly. the turret too… thats the problem :confused: i going replace the 6dof for angular velocity etc.


rukasu113_type95_test_4.blend (832 KB)