7 artworks to crit!

crit away, and crit hard. :wink: …any kind of comment is welcome though ofcourse.

(1) http://www.bhpgames.com/betweendreams_online_tagged.jpg
(2) http://www.bhpgames.com/luckbealady_online.jpg
(3) http://www.bhpgames.com/metrosketch_online_tagged.jpg
(4) http://www.bhpgames.com/cornerofmymind_online_tagged.jpg
(5) http://www.bhpgames.com/migration_online.jpg
(6) http://www.bhpgames.com/timesredux_online.jpg
(7) http://www.bhpgames.com/moment_small.jpg
(just included URL’s so that the forums layout wouldnt get too screwed up…)(and oh yea, you might notice that “TheSanityManifesto.com” watermark in some of those…dont mind that, im going to buy that domain soon and put up a gallery.)

all of these are some of my more recent works…mostly photo manipulations.

(1) is my most recent work…It is a photo manipulation using Photoshop. I’m a huge fan of the surreal (Dali is actually one of my favorite artists) and I often use surrealism as my chosen style or subject in alot of my artworks…this one is an example of just that style. I even use surrealism in alot of my game design as well.

(2) is another recent photo manipulation. This one has nudity…well, barely…It should be safe for all ages though.

(3) is mixed media…I used photo manipulation mixed with some sloppy digital painting.

(4) is another mixed media…In this piece I combined a photo with alot of acrylic painting and some manipulation of all of it. Lately I’ve been really interested in combining digital and traditional into one bad-ass mix…usually get interesting results…I’ve even been experimenting lately with combining traditional techniques and game design.

(5) is mixed media once more…theres a bit of photo manipulation on the birds, but I really wouldnt consider the planet photo manipulation…well, it sort of it, sort of isnt…haha, hard to explain.

(6) is obviously photo manip…used my own photo too! …my only manip. where I used my own photo…pretty bad quality photo though, it was taken on a disposable camera and then scanned. :stuck_out_tongue: …damn, i need to get a good digital camera…

(7) is purely traditional…charcoal…well actually it was made using black pastel but who cares?

Ok, so who the hell am I? I only lurk in the game engine forums so most of you probably dont even know…Well i’ve been using blender going on 6 years and i’ve been here at elYsiun for almost 4 so im no newb :wink: …99% of my work in Blender is soley game engine however I do make the (very) occasional render…I tend to make my posts extremely long winded with WAY more details than is ever neccasary…think you’ve already picked up on that one. :wink:

well…what do you all think of the works?

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The black pastel thing is really well executed. I’d like to see more of what you do in that medium, especially something with a bit more tonal range.

Keep it up!

very nice work, great stuff.

i totally agree.

very nice.

hey thanks…yea, I think im gunna do another charcoal or black pastel work again really soon…one with more tonal range like you said, and sharper changes in the tone…I dunno, like some old dude with a bunch of wrinkles or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks…I think I might use paper that has much less texture on it next time though…the high level of texture on the paper is kind of distracting i think…

Awesome work, TomorrowMan.

I feel a diamagnetic connection with your art. As if it looks back on me.


i totally agree.

very nice.[/quote]

As do I. Great work.

hey, thanks alot for the encouragement guys. :slight_smile: …Do any of you draw any specific or personal meanings from any of these works? just wondering…im always interested in that. :wink:

As for the charcoal drawing…I’m probably going to do a new one sometime this week…I’ve already chosen a subject, so I might have something else to show soon…

well, I had some extra time this morning so I decided to go ahead and do that next charcoal drawing…

(the guy is ?uestlove, the drummer for one of my favorite bands, The Roots)(This might look a bit better standing a couple feet away from your moniter)

This was really more of a technical challenge than anything else…The charcoal I was using was extremely loose…if you simply placed your finger on a dark spot with just a light amount of pressure it completely lifted the charcoal…it was pretty hard to work with, think im gunna buy some better grade stuff.

What do you all think of this one?

wow! Awesome expression and texture! I really really like this style. Keep it up!

Very nice compositional skills Corey, I like metrosketch and timesredux the best, they’re all very good pieces.

great work with the last pic,

have you tried to paint with a tablet?

thanks. :slight_smile: Yea, im pretty comfortable and experienced with charcoal, pencil, pastel and pretty much any dry media and drawing techniques, but I really need to work on my painting skills…

thanks man…yea, cities seem to be particularly inspiring to me…would like to move to NYC someday…

I’ve played around with it…I own a tablet, but I use it mainly with my photo manipulations…I dont think i’ve actually done a project before though that was completely digital painting…its an interesting idea though, think I might approach that sometime soon.

I like 4 and 7 best. Excellent use of space!

1 seems a little rough around the fan --it cuts into the form rather than adds to it.
3 reminds me of old eastman and laird tmnt comics :stuck_out_tongue:
5 feels too flat and monochromatic, but it has a great concept.
6 seems confused to me, but then again don’t ask my opinion on modern art.


yea, I see what you mean…I’ll keep that in mind when layering in the future.

you know I never really noticed how flat it looked until you noted that…the transition from foreground to background definintly could have more depth to it.

yea, but I was trying to make it look a bit confusing. :wink: …big cities like NYC can be confusing especially to outsiders and I was sort of trying to capture that hustle and bustle confusion a bit…

Oh, I get it. light bulb goes on :slight_smile:

I’ve just never been much of a fan of that kind of pop art, but it definitely captures your mood.

I look forward to seeing more of your art in the future!

thanks, I’ll probably have a few new things to show in a few weeks. :wink: