7 Images of 7 Models

I’ve been working on a motorcycle latele (soon to be released), but I’ve taken a break to re-render some old models with some better composition/texturing and AO features. Here are the links:


Very nice. They all look very clean.

Good job :wink:

Great stuff. Very nicely presented too.

The gatling gun is awesome! You’ve done a great job on the materials, especially the first few. The hand gun is too long to be realistic looking, but it’s fun.

The bench’s green part looks like it’s metal or plastic which would need a higher specularity than that.

The gatling gun is definitely my favourite too - what was it rendered in, yafray or blender internal?

Everything was rendered with pure blender power. The hand gun was modeled after a gun I saw in a show called Hellsing (not bad for an anime). I just realized how blocky the gatling gun looks in some places. Must…fix…

Actually I won’t. Can’t wait to get back to my motorcycle. I don’t want to hype it up, but it’s my most complex model ever. Last count I was at 450,000 polys at subsurf level 2 and all I had finished were the front wheel and handle bars. I’ll post a pic once I go home in a few days.

450,000 for the wheel and handle bars :o:O:O Wow that’s ether a WHOLE lot of extra verts, or else lots and lots of detail :smiley:
Hopefully the latter.
Can’t wait to see it.

very nice and clean, the detail is fantastic, hope to see more of your work

i like the way you handle the materials (or is it the render settings?), this gives your pics a very unique touch

You must be a YafraY-fan, everything seems done with Yafray.
Only the environment is missing. Create a scene with all of them.

Everything was rendered in pure Blender? I assume this means Yafray was not used? Wow.

I really like the materials. Looks real. :slight_smile:

i am sceptical that blender was used for rendering. (very sceptical) but hey i may be very wrong.


great materials. except on the bench. i dont know why, it looks wrong.

great modeling.

Yes, very nice renders, although they are “simple” meshes, the materials really make them stand out. Now is that the Glow effect I see used? :slight_smile:
The one picture which doesn’t look like a Blender render at all is the one with the server cases.

Whoops! I forgot that in the heart photo I used photoshop to try and separate the two hearts (it’s a bad render, I know). But, other than that the rest is pure blender. For the shiny stuff, just use mid to high reflectivity, a little bit of fresnel, turn ao on, change the ao light power to ~ 2, turn raytracing on and boom! These “new” blender features are great and really have added a whole new level to my images. Motorcycle wip pics will be posted friday.

I like this style :smiley: