This is really off forum topic, but I like you guys(and gals) alot ;). . . and I need it to play your games. . .

Does anyone have a link to download 7-zip that is 100% safe and toolbar free? :spin:

I just had a big problem* recently with a download that had toolbars and crap with it.
Funny enough I needed it to play SolarLune’s Amazing demo.


*I almost lost my computer

Did you try from the main website? P.S. Sorry that you nearly lost your computer just over my game.

Hmm, I did try from there. . . Did you have any toolbar problems when you downloaded and installed it?
And the Soldier of Demo was really nice. It ran om my hunk-a-junk really well :smiley:

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Usually there is an option during installation, asking you if the toolbar should be installed. It’s not unusual for freeware to have this, since it’s a way to make a little money.

See if there is a “custom” install and don’t click so fast through the installation dialog. :wink:

cam.dudes: I can’t remember ever having 7-zip try to install toolbars in the past. I just installed 7-zip (32-bit .exe) on my WinXP VirtualBox client a couple weeks ago, and it’s working just fine. Tested it again today, and there are no prompts about toolbars, and nothing was installed without my permission on Firefox or IE 8. Are you absolutely sure you got it from the official site?

BTW, if you were using Linux, you wouldn’t have to worry about that. 7-zip support comes standard on many popular distros (I know Linux Mint has it, and think Ubuntu probably does), and if not, it is easy to enable from the repositories.